Car Exploring

Generalist vehicle manufacturers aim at the middle class. Generalist car manufacturers want to sell as many cars as possible.

02. New automotive technologies

Thanks to new technologies, vehicles offer many possibilities to drivers and occupants. Indeed, these modern cars have more and more features.

03. Car fans

Are you a fan of vintage cars, looking forward to discovering futuristic cars or wanting to see a particular auto test? This event is definitely for you!

The first international car exhibition took place in Paris in 1898. These essential car lovers’ meetings allow the automotive industry to present the evolution of their products to the public. Due to the high cost of organizing, some events are only scheduled once every 2 years.

01. Autonomous cars
The autonomous vehicle is a category of vehicle which belongs to the field of mobile robotics. This concept may also include a fully autonomous vehicle or a semi-autonomous car.
02. Electric cars
People who tend to buy an electric car are entitled to a bonus limited to 27% of the purchase price including VAT. This bonus includes also battery rental.
03. Retro cars
If you purchase a retro car, you are increasing your chances of driving a unique car. This type of vehicle reduces the maintenance bill due to the lack of electronic equipment.

It is important to take care of your car, whether it is new or used. Simple actions and strategic audits can considerably increase the service life of their vehicles. Moreover, regular car maintenance is important to reduce the cost of repairs.

Car washes allow you to clean the vehicle thoroughly. They are equipped with ingenious robotic processes such as brushes capable of avoiding micro scratches, horizontal and lateral brushes, high pressure jet, jet for rims…

Auto mechanics represents the various elements necessary for the maintenance, repair, control and improvement of vehicles. As explained at City Car Services, each one of most professional mechanics specializes in different car brands.

In order to mark the occasion, the company decided to celebrate its centenary throughout the year.

In 2019, the French government introduced measures to reduce the price of driving licences by up to 30%.

In 2019, the German manufacturer began its electrical transformation by producing its new Golf generation.

After Citroën and Peugeot, Sébastien Loeb joined Hyundai to participate in 6 races of the World Rally Championship.

In Fast and Furious’s spin off, we can see that the 9th opus deals with 2 key characters of the saga, Deckard Shaw and Luke Hobbs.

The additional tax that varies according to carbon dioxide emissions is reduced. This scale change will take effect at the beginning of 2020.

Since the law application of February 27th, 1958, it is mandatory to insure a car. The third-party insurance form is considered the only mandatory coverage which also includes civil liability.

In France, there are about 10 deaths a day on the roads. In 90% of cases, accidents are caused by a behavioural factor that can be avoided by respecting road safety.

There are two categories of traffic offences: offences and fines. Offences are considered as criminal acts. The ticket includes minor offences such as speeding, traffic light violations….

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