On what criteria should you choose your future electric car?

Prices are falling, range is increasing, models are multiplying on the market, the electric car is attracting more and more interest. And even if the offer of electric cars is less extensive than that of combustion-powered cars, it is often…

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What is the cost of recharging an electric car, is it advantageous?

Recharging stations allow the battery of an electric vehicle to be recharged according to its power level and public charging stations deliver a higher power resulting in a reduction in charging time. The electric car is perceived as an alternative…

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Hybrid cars, full-hybrid cars, refillable hybrids, mild-hybrid cars: the nuances and differences

Hybrid vehicles are equipped with a combustion engine in addition to an additional electric motor in order to reduce fuel consumption. Hybrid car models offer different features and combine two technologies to benefit from the advantages of each. The “classic”…

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The many advantages of a hybrid car

The hybrid vehicle integrates two engine technologies to produce power while reducing environmental impact. The combustion engine and electric motor combine to deliver cleaner vehicle traffic. But the different hybrid car models each offer advantages and features that can be…

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What is the average range of an electric car?

Battery life is an important criterion for buying or renting an electric car. But what are the factors that determine this autonomy? Find the explanations in this article. Average battery life of an electric car The average range announced by…

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What are the best-selling electric car models in France?

The production of internal combustion engine vehicles is currently in constant decline in favour of electric vehicles. Indeed, for environmental reasons, these new types of vehicles are less polluting than those running on diesel or gasoline. In France, consumers are…

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