The acquisition of a car must be a carefully considered investment, the buyer must consider several parameters. Among these parameters, the choice of the seller is one of the most important. Choosing between an agent and a concessionaire can be difficult; these two entities, although working in the same field, have major differences.

Vehicle prices differ

The car agent is an intermediary who buys new cars in large quantities from dealers, obtaining a certain discount. Buying a new car from an authorised car dealer is cheaper than buying a new car from a dealer. The slogan of the agents is often focused on this more attractive financial aspect, with discounts of up to 20% of the dealer price, while the price of a new car at the dealer is close to the ex-factory price and includes some additional costs such as taxes and transport costs. Finally, you will need to bring a large sum of money, but also know how to negotiate with the sales representatives so as not to ruin yourself too much.

The parameters and appearance of the car

The agent proposes cars already configured: replaced engines, few choices of colours, changes made to certain parts. Although the car is new, the parts are not necessarily original parts. The customer can place an order by specifying these specifications, but the price will increase, while the dealer offers a multitude of choices for colours, engine and vehicle configurations. In addition, dealers are often manufacturers and sellers or exclusive partners of the manufacturer. The cars sold there are original brands.

After-sales services

Car representatives are often criticized for these services, for example: the customer does not have the right to test the car he wants to buy. The after-sales service remains rather vague with short-term guarantees, no coverage in case of car failure and many other inconveniences, while the dealer offers a guarantee of about 5 years, a possibility of returning and replacing the car in case of failure on the model. The dealer's garage will take care of visits and repairs throughout the warranty period, and the car representative remains an interesting choice if he has a clear idea of the car to be purchased and its specifications. The concessionaire remains a wise choice for lay people if he is willing to spend a relatively large amount.