Apart from rental agencies, there is also another way to rent a car. The car rental system between private individuals is a cost-effective way for both the tenant and the owner. It is an effective solution to save money or earn money.

Specialized car rental sites for private individuals: a modern intermediary

Car rental between individuals becomes possible thanks to intermediaries who facilitate the meeting between tenants and owners. There are specialized sites to rent your car to individuals, each of them has its own organization to make the cars available to tenants. Some sites use a box that will be installed at the edge of the car to reserve, locate, control and unlock the car.

Operation of sites specialized in car rental between private individuals

To rent your car, you just must choose a platform specialized in car rental between individuals. In general, the site requires a description of the vehicle and the days of availability to rent it. After the contract is established on site, the box will be installed in your car to open and close the car doors and track it remotely. If a person wishes to book your car, you will be notified by message or email. You have a minimum time, depending on the site, to refuse or accept this request. When you accept the rental, the tenant will make the payment in advance. Both parties have the right to renounce the lease at any time.

Car insurance to avoid risks in the event of vehicle rental

The rental site must verify the identity of all tenants and establish a rental contract to ensure the safety of the vehicle. Renting your car can be risky, because you deliver your car to a stranger. It is possible that the person who will book the car will commit a traffic violation, an accident, or even a theft. Therefore the sites include a specific car insurance policy for car rental in the rental contract, which will be the responsibility of the tenant. This insurance therefore replaces that of the owner.