When you make a registration document, you must pay various taxes. Their cost varies depending on the region where you plan to register your car. However, sometimes the registration card is free of charge. In some cases, only shipping costs are payable.

Change of address

If you change your address, you have a period of one month to change the address on your vehicle registration card(s) if you have several cars. If you exceed this legally set time limit, you are liable to a fine in the event of an inspection. Thanks to the new vehicle registration system, you can apply for a vehicle registration certificate online. Alternatively, you can also contact a licensed professional. It should be noted that the process is free of charge from the first to the third change of address. It is in the form of a label to be affixed to the vehicle registration document. Thus, for a fourth change of address you will have a new registration document. Even if it is free, you will have to pay the shipping tax. If you choose to hire a professional (by going there or applying for a car registration online), you should know that it will be charged. But the change of address will still be free of charge.

Registration document with errors

The administration will ensure that you are issued a new vehicle registration document free of charge if yours contains errors, even though you have provided all the necessary supporting documents. However, please note that if the error affects the cost of the vehicle registration document (incorrect postcode, incorrect tax power, incorrect tax power, incorrect tax on polluting cars, etc.), as the case may be, you will have to pay the difference in the sums due or the administration will refund you once the vehicle registration document has been corrected. It also happens that the administration does not put certain information (second name for example) on your vehicle registration. They are recorded by its services. So, this is not a mistake.

Change of registration

There are situations where car owners are forced to change their registration. This is particularly the case when there is usurpation of registration. This is known as a duplicate. This happens when malicious people use fake license plates to avoid controls and automatic radars. If you are a victim of such a case, you will have a new registration and you will not have to pay for your vehicle registration. You can access the government website to find out the price of your new vehicle registration. The online simulators set up will be of great help to you to know the taxes applied in your region.