The scrapping premium was introduced to promote the sale of environmentally friendly vehicles. This helps to protect the environment by limiting CO2 emissions. This bonus is granted by the State. However, to obtain it, motorists must comply with certain clauses and procedures.

The scrapping bonus, an operating principle

The scrappage bonus is a reward dedicated to people with new vehicles that emit low levels of carbon dioxide. The owner obtains the premium according to a scale previously fixed at the time of purchase of the car or when it is rented. In the second case, he must rent it for at least 2 years. To obtain this bonus, the motorist must abandon his old car that emits more CO2 and buy a new clean vehicle. Thus, the old vehicle must be destroyed. Second-hand cars with Crit'Air stickers from 0 to 2 and emitting less CO2 are also eligible for the scrapping premium.

News on the scrapping bonus for 2019

A decree on the 2019 scrapping bonus was made official on 28 December 2018. It recommends the conditions of eligibility for this bonus. These clauses concern both the vehicle and the owner. First, the new car purchased must emit less than 122g/km of CO2. In addition, it is no longer possible for legal entities and taxable households to benefit from the scrapping premium when purchasing a vehicle with a Crit'Air 2 sticker, i.e. when purchasing a diesel car. For new vehicles ordered before 1 January 2019, there is a 3-month transition period between the 2018 and 2019 scales. The buyer benefits from the most advantageous system under the clause that the invoice has been received within the first 3 months.

Vehicles concerned by the scrapping premium

Apart from petrol and diesel cars, new or rechargeable electric vehicles, second-hand electric or rechargeable hybrid cars and new electric motorcycles may be eligible for the scrapping premium. The amount of the bonus varies, however, depending on the household income. To have a bonus doubled in 2019, the household must have a maximum reference tax income of €6,300 per share. Please note that the application for the scrapping bonus can be made online or by mail to the government department.