The production of internal combustion engine vehicles is currently in constant decline in favour of electric vehicles. Indeed, for environmental reasons, these new types of vehicles are less polluting than those running on diesel or gasoline. In France, consumers are beginning to take an interest in electric vehicles. Of course, these are not yet the best-selling models, but some models are very popular. What are the best-selling electric car models in France?

French models: the Renault "Zoé"

All the French manufacturers have started manufacturing electric cars, whether PSA or Renault. The latter dominates the French electric car market with its "Zoé" model. The model in question is the one that leads the sales and has been acclaimed by several French motorists. With an average range of 170 kilometres, a "Zoé" consumes only about twelve kilowatts per hundred kilometres. Its strong point is above all the driving comfort and the cost of use and maintenance, which is generally reduced. This electric vehicle is practical in town for economic reasons, but above all ecological with the exemption of certain taxes for its owner. It is available in several variants with a first production in 2012.

The Japanese Nissan Leaf

The choice of the French is mainly based on French cars when it comes to electric vehicles. But this does not prevent the arrival of other car brands on France. For example, the Japanese manufacturer Nissan offers an electric car model, the "Leaf", on the French market. This model has already won over many European motorists with its range of more than 270 kilometres. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Nissan Leaf is also equipped with intelligent driving technology that is attracting more and more motorists. For the most demanding, the Leaf E+ model is more efficient than the basic model and the latter is the most popular.

The German BMW i3

BMW has also entered the electric car market with its "i3" model. It is one of the most popular models in France because of its range of up to 300 kilometres. Equipped with eDrive technology, this car automatically recovers energy up to 50kW. Although it is an electric car, driving comfort and interior are the two criteria favoured by the French when they consider buying such vehicles.