Battery life is an important criterion for buying or renting an electric car. But what are the factors that determine this autonomy? Find the explanations in this article.

Average battery life of an electric car

The average range announced by the manufacturers varies between 150 km and 400 km. On the other hand, the actual battery life of an electric vehicle is between 100 km and 300 km. If we look at these figures, we can say that electric cars are more likely to be used for everyday purposes. More precisely, it is preferable to use them on short trips.

What does autonomy depend on?

You should know that the battery is the most expensive component of an electric vehicle. It is the power of this battery that determines first and foremost the range it can provide. Thus, the larger the battery, the more powerful it is. However, this will make the vehicle heavier. On the other hand, a battery that is too light will lack power. By the way, the average weight of an electric car battery is 300 kg. Otherwise, the range also depends on the type of battery used by the manufacturer. There are currently 4 types on the market: Lithium-ion polymer, Lithium-ion, Lithium metal polymer, Battery with electrode and electrolytes. Then, your driving style is also to be considered. If you like speed, the risk of dry run is high. Therefore, if you want to drive several kilometres with your car, drive at a moderate speed. In addition, aggressive driving can reduce range by up to 10%. So, adopt a more economical style, that is, one that is flexible and calm.

Other factors that affect autonomy

The use of "comfort" options should be banned if you want to have more autonomy. Indeed, air conditioning and heating require the use of electric power, which will reduce the power of your battery. Finally, it is important to know that extreme cold also affects the battery power. When the outside temperature is below 0°C, the battery no longer offers the same power. In addition, you will have to turn on the heating system. As a result, you may have a decrease in autonomy of up to 41%. In short, the average range of an electric car depends first and foremost on the quality of its battery and other factors. You were able to see the main elements to know about this. These points will be useful before you buy an electric car.