Published on : 31 October 20193 min reading time

If you wish to rent a car, it is essential to read the insurance contract carefully. Of course, your insurance certificate is valid in the event of a police officer examination, but what is also important to know is your insurance in the event of an accident.

Car rental on specialized sites: automatic specific insurance

Renting a car is done either through a rental agency or via sites specialized in renting between individuals. Before making the rental, it is necessary to check the insurance contract established either with the rental professionals or with the rental site. It is important to know what guarantees you have. In general, the rental services offer with the rental contract a comprehensive insurance policy that covers civil liability and all material damage caused to the car in the event of a claim. The lessee must pay for some or all of the repairs to the car in the event of an at-fault accident in accordance with the terms of the contract. The owner is also protected by this specific insurance contract, he does not lose his bonus and he does not have to pay a deductible in the event of an accident even if the tenant is at fault, this is the case of Drivy insurance coverage. Opt for such automatic insurance for more peace of mind on the road.

Personal car insurance: a minimum coverage

Car rental between individuals is also subject to mandatory insurance. If you have decided to rent your car without going through an intermediary, be aware that the rental is different from the vehicle loan. For the latter, drivers should be members of the family or close friends. In general, traditional car insurance does not cover commercial trips such as rentals. Thus, in the event of an accident caused by the tenant, the responsibility will be with the owner. Check your insurance contract with your insurance company and add this option if necessary, to adapt the contract if it is feasible since some insurers do not have this coverage.

The essential guarantees when renting a car

The procedures for reporting a claim are different for a rental through a contact platform and for a rental without an intermediary. So, depending on your case, you will contact either the rental site or the owner of the car respectively. In both cases, the contract must contain the vehicle damage coverages and the bodily injury coverages for all drivers to be reimbursed if the tenant is at fault.